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Feature Overview:

The Weed Clipper is PTO driven at 1,000 RPM. Tow behind a 200 HP Tractor.  Recommended minimum 175 HP.

Quickly & Efficiently clip and mulch any weeds growing above your crops at speeds of up to 5 mph** in medium to heavy weed infestations, and faster speeds in lighter conditions.

Cut any weeds growing above any crop at heights of 4” to 45” above ground level while adjusting to crop heights quickly and efficiently on the go. (Lower & Upper Cut Heights can be set by lifting or lowering rear axle top cylinder mounts.)

Cutting width of 48’ 1” per field pass (50’ width including overlap) making the weed clipping operation quicker, easier and much more efficient, permitting multiple passes if necessary.
(Eliminates wear and tear on your swather that was designed for swathing – not weed clipping.)

Crop losses can be minimized to 6% or lower by equipping the Weed Clipper with a combination of features including BTT Crop Dividers, + or – 1/2“ RTK GPS System and 11” Row Crop Tires/Rims for your tractor.
Example: Using the Weed Clipper with the above mentioned features on 4,000 acres of a 20 bushel/acre crop of Certified Organic Lentils can have compaction-caused crop losses of approximately 6% compared to a 30’ Swather with 22” wide tires that can cause up to 12% compaction. Over 4,000 acres compacting 6% less crop (240 acres)   can save you $240,000 (240 acres x $1,000/acre).

Reduce chemical costs in conventional farm operations by using the Weed Clipper on weeds that grow above your crops. This can also reduce weed resistance due to overuse of chemicals. Using the same Organic Farming principle of maximum seed bed utilization, farmers can enable crops to out compete weeds by seeding with the BTT 300 Series 6” seed boot on 8“ spacing.

Conventional Farmers can significantly reduce the risks of crop rejection due to chemical residues. Some countries around the world are placing strict limits on chemical residues on conventionally grown grains as their Food Consumers are demanding residue free foods.

Conventional Farmers considering transitioning to certified organic farming methods now have a powerful new machine to control and manage their weeds.

** The Weed Clipper has 95% to 98% cut efficiency at 5 mph, but can be lower in certain crops depending seeding methods used. We recommend the use of BTT 300 Series 6” seed boots to create a heavier crop canopy to reduce weed pressure and as well to hold weeds more firmly for the crop clipping operation to improve weed cutting efficiency.

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