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WC Banner WCM M5000 50′
WC Banner WCM M5000 50′
Feature Overview
WC_Features_Standard Single v-Belt Drive System

Standard Single V-Belt Drive System

WC_Features_Crop Height Indicator

Physical Crop Height Indicator
Allows the operator to accurately cut weeds above the crop.

WC_Features_Safety Shields U-Joints PTO

Safety Shields U-Joints and PTO

WC_Features_Hose and Cord Holder

Hydraulic Hose & Electrical Cord Holder
Keeps hoses organized and out of dirt.

WC_Features_PTO Crane

PTO Crane
Makes connecting to the PTO a breeze.

WC_Features_Tire Alignment

Tire Alignment
To minimize crop compaction. Mainframe tires are in alignment with tractor tires to minimize crop compaction.

WC_Features_Cutting Blades

Cutting Blades
Our Standard 3 Blade design cuts and mulches weeds allowing them to fall directly on the ground.

WC_Features_Safety Curtain

Safety Curtains

WC_Features_Adjustable Height

Adjustable Cutting
Heights from 4 to 43 inches. Field must be clear of any debris. Low cutting heights can cause serious damage to the machine. 


WC_Features_Double V-belt

Double V-Belt Drive System
Higher capacity weed clipping and mulching abilities.

WC_Features_Quad Cutting Blade

Quad Cutting Blade
Quad blade design improves the cutting speed, allowing the weeds to be mulched and fall directly on to the ground.

WC_Features_Crop Dividers

Crop Dividers
Crop Dividers can reduce crop losses to estimated 5% on 50’ model and 7% on 30’ model.

WC_Features_Deflector Shield

Debris Deflector Shield 
Debris deflectors to stop weed clippings from accumulating on mower deck.

WC_Features_Tractor Cab Monitoring

Tractor Cab Monitoring 
Ag Cam cameras and 9” Quad monitor to monitor crop height and minimize operator fatigue.

WC_Features_Spare Tire Mount

Spare Tire Mount
Spare tire mount bracket with 1 Main Frame tire and 1 Wing tire.

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