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Developed for Farmers by Farmers.
Back in 2011 on our principal’s organic farm, we at Bourgault Tillage Tools saw a need to be able to quickly and efficiently clip and mulch the weeds growing above our crops. Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) has been working on the design, research and development of the 50’ Weed Clipper * over the past 4 years, with in depth field testing and feedback from other organic farmers.
The BTT 50’ Weed Clipper is for any farmer, conventional or organic. The Weed Clipper enables any Farmer  to drive into their seeded crops, at virtually any stage of growth and development  from 4” to 45” above ground level,and be able to quickly and efficiently clip and mulch any weeds growing above the crops. Working at speeds of up to 5 mph in medium to heavy weed infestations, and faster in lighter weeds. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently eliminate and control the weeds in your fields. **
* Patents Pending
** Some restrictions may apply
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