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WC Banner WCM M3000 50′ Model Folded
WC Banner WCM M3000 50′ Model Folded
Developed for Farmers by Farmers
Since 1985 Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) has been in the business of providing farmers with cultivator sweeps and spikes to mechanically control weeds in their fields. Continuing on with our philosophy of controlling weeds without chemicals, we are pleased to introduce a machine that will clip and mulch weeds above the crop canopy. The BTT Weed Clipper efficiently and effectively clips weeds with minimal crop loss, putting you in control, while reducing chemical costs and risks.
The BTT Weed Clipper has been developed by farmers for farmers. It has been extensively tested and refined over the last 7 years on both conventional and organic farms to give you a world class machine that controls weed growth without the problems associated with chemicals. Available in 30’ and 50’ working widths, the BTT Weed Clipper is at the forefront of alternative weed management. Whether you’re a conventional or organic farmer, this machine could be the tool your farm requires as we move forward transitioning to healthier alternatives.

The BTT Weed Clipper allows you to control weeds by driving into your seeded crop at any height to cut and mulch weeds growing in your lentil, peas, flax, cereal, or vegetable crops. This machine is designed to mow at crop heights from 4 to 43 inches*. Utilizing the BTT Weed Clipper will increase yields, reduce weed spread and prevent the spread of chemical resistant weeds on conventional and organic farms.

*Field must be clear of any debris. Low cutting heights can cause serious damage to the machine. 


Conventional Farmer

1. Excellent weed control without chemicals.
2. Reduce chemical weed resistance due to overuse of chemicals.
3. Reduce chemical residues on seeded crops.
4. Provides weed control in crops that are sensitive to chemicals or where chemicals are ineffective.
5. Save money with reduced chemical use.
6. Adjustable clipping heights from 4 to 43 inches*.

Organic Farmer

1. Excellent weed control without chemicals.
2. Increase Crop Yields.
3. Prevent weeds from going into seed.
4. Stops weeds from competing with the seeded crop.
5. 6% or less crop compaction when equipped with crop dividers.
6. Adjustable clipping heights from 4 to 43 inches*.

*Patents Pending

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