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WC Banners Crop Dividers
WC Banners Crop Dividers
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WC Banners Control Weeds
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Mechanical Specifications:

Operation width of 50'
Overall transport width at upper height: 22'6"
Overall transport width in lowered position: 15'
Transport Width of Main Axle Castor Wheels & Rear Axle Wheels: 7’ 7” center to center wheels makes it reasonably easy to transport on rural roads and highways
Approximate Weight: 18,500 lbs (depending on added options)
PTO Driven: 1,000 RPM
Minimum tractor operating hydraulic pressure: 2,500 psi
Main Frame Axles: 5000 lbs hubs & spindles
Main Frame Tires: 11Lx15" FI 12 ply Goodyear tires 5,000 lbs x 6 bolt rims
Inner & Outer Wing Tires: 750x15" Goodyear tires on 15" rims
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
• Optional: Main Frame Tires: FS24-340/60R15 Goodyear tires with 6,000 lbs x 6 bolt rims
• Optional: Camera System
• Optional: Crop Dividers for inner and outer wings
• Optional: Spare Tire Holder + 2 Spare Tires
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